Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Bags ;)

Haha by 'popular' demands (thanks Purp n oldfren) here ara my latest additions to my humble collection ;) Seriously when I asked u guys which topic u are more interested to know, I'm expecting more requests on the Simplysiti review! So I have 2 new bags this month hihihi.. Dont judge me for breaking my own promise, boohooo me but I'm happy and smiling and dats wats matter :D

The newest one is a gift/souvenir from Ayah (my FIL) who just returned from visiting my bro+sis+niece+nephew in London. Frankly I was a bit surprise, like oh-no-can-ayah-smell-his-menantu-is-a-bag-addict-already? But perhaps not coz my MIL and SIL also got ones, hehe.. As he handed the bag to me he mentioned something like "nah buat beg buku"..

(if only he knew that his menantu has started a collection of 'beg buku' eversince her MSc is approved)

Regardless I'm excited!

The bag is buttery soft leather and oh-so-'ranggi' with that studeds belts thingy on both sides. I've been eyeing studded bags for awhile but wasnt sure wether i can pull it off, now that I have one I'm sure that I will. And the best part is the handle is adjustable~ I can make it hand carried, shoulder bag or sling! Purrrrfecto :D

I'm also excited about my second bag because its my first Coach :D Its embellished patent leather and its PINK! U would think that I should realize that all my bags are either black-brown-white-pink by now. I do. I know that I should buy different colours. Actually at the boutique I was torn between pink and purple (haha go figure!). But IMHO the pink one are much-much-more stunning, sooo....

Gotta love the big 'bucket' like shape and it can 'stand-up' on its own. Very nice. Been parading it for a while already but now I'm putting it back into its dust bag for a rest and back to my daily 'lenjan' bag for now :D

Ahhhh.. sweet sweet dreammmm...

p/s - its amazing i could write this long in 20mins.. bila hadap thesis, stengah jam satu ayat pun tak siap-siap, hwaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( well back to work ladies!


Zuhaini said...

uih. cantiknya... :)

PurPlè said...

wah... best best. somehow, i could smell a coach when u mention tht u got new hbag. dua2 cantik. tp apasal aku nmpk coach tu kaler purple instead of pink?

Hanz said...

Mimi...lurve oogling your purple COACH!

linda said...

congrats on the 2handbags! very de cantikk.. but how come the COACH is not color PINK?
next pls citer abt simplisiti 5in1cream...tq

Mimi said...


Hehe really? The colour is really pinkish purple.. So it can go with both.

Oooo thanks babe! I cant stop oogling too!

Thanks ;) Like I said its really pinkish puple.. maybe its my camera. Wanna know abt simply 5? stay tune :D