Friday, June 25, 2010

My Review on Simplysiti Simply 5 C-Bright Cream

So I'll skip the long intro on how I was lured to get this yadi yada and go straight to the review :)

What: Simplysiti Simply 5 C-Bright Cream

Price: RM49.90 from Watson
It is considered cheap/affordable if ure used to wear higher price skincare (in my case Dermalogica) but if previouly u are wearing Safi or Clean and Clear, this might come a bit pricey. Just my tot.

What is it:
Its somewhat similar to BB creams where its somehow designed to replace moisturizer, sunscreen (spf20), make-up base, and all that goodness in one tube. There're Simply 5 Acne and Simply 5 New Age, I picked up this one as it suppose to have brightening effect.

How I wear it and my verdict:
I only use it on daytime.. After cleansing and toner, I apply it all over my face. Let it sink a few minutes then I brush over transluscent loose powder just because my face is oily. Dats it! Very convenient ;) On days that I feel my skin is a bit dry, I do wear a very light layer of moisturizer underneath this cream.

See how it fit in with the rest of my facial stuffs? Haha.. So now I only wear the moisturizer, essential oil etc at night. Its cost saving too! I'm tempted to try the complete skincare from the C-Bright range, but maybe not for the time being..

The packaging is a tube with flat lids so that u can make it stand as prev photo..

I was pleasantly surprise that it come with a pump. Nice.. Was expecting an open mouth tube. The pump make it easier to control/dispense how much u want and hygenic too..

This is how much I use, which is not even a pump full. Maybe about half a pump for my whole face. More than this I'll look like chinese opera or tepung gomak, haha..

It only comes in one shade which suppose to fit all (not really imho).. Even on my medium (fairness level) skin it comes quite light! I need to carefully blend it all over else u'll think that i'm wearing foundation that is too light for my skin!

Haha the dreaded part.. My before and after ;) Darn I tot I've cropped that small torch on my chin! Currently my chin is a lil bit problematic with 1-2 zits and small bumps which stresssssssss the hell out off me :(

Anyway u can see that its somewhat even out my skintone which is naturally reddish. Coverage wise is light. It does states that u can layer this cream until desired coverage is achieved but urmmmmm I really dont know. At least for me, too much layer might look cakey and oily.. But I'm satisfied with this coverage, to me it look natural and suit my everyday look ;)

Final result! Hehe.. Excuse the lighting that kept changing throughout the whole process.. But I think u can still judge the coverage and the outcome of this cream. I have wear it for more than two weeks and I like the convenient that comes in a tube! Plus so far my skin is showing no sensitivity or pimples and bumps and I hope it'll continue to not to (haha)..

Brightening effect? Err.. dunno, its just 2++ weeks, maybe another update after I finish this tube? We'll see!

So there. Quite a long review eh? But please remember that every skin is different so do try at ur own risk aite! Plus I remove/clean my skin everynight with oil make-up remover..

Enjoy reading! Toodles~


C!kpuanmuda said...

teringin nak try tapi sebab tak suka ct punya pasal.. terus terpadam keinginan itu.. hahaha habislah kena maki dgn peminat ct =p

Mimi said...

harhar, i'm also not her fan.. tapi atas niat kecantikan ku beli juaaa.. ;)

yuliang11 said...

product ini memang bes lar

simply sity

Miming said...

It looks natural and feathery light :) thank you for the review.