Monday, June 7, 2010

My Smoky Green Eyes

Main-main dengan make-up sementara tunggu Awisy mandi memang best!

Closed-ups (whoops, ignore my pores and freckles!):

Whole face shot.. sadly my camera kindly washed out the colour :(

Watcha think about the super nude lips? Papa said my worst lipstick colour ever :P I kinda think its interesting. Apply exessively and i'll look dead, but with one thin layer coat it's kinda nude peachy pink.

hehe :D

Happy Monday!


Hanz said...

Mimi, me pun suker apply colour2 everyday..what makeup brand u used? :>

PurPlè said...

wow wee... very nice. tunjuklah tools yg perlu like the brush, the eyeshadow etc.

Mimi said...

mmg best kan! i'm still learning tho. for this particular one i use lancome quad :D

ehhee, ok2 someday i'll do it ;) brush tu aku main bantai2 je, hahaha :D