Saturday, June 5, 2010

Why Is It So Hard This Time?

Feeding him his medicine dat is.

He usually has no problem taking his meds syrups albeit the very few tantrums. Yesterday was okay. We just hand him over the shringes and he'll know what to do and then hand us back the empty ones. But today is totally a different story. He simply ran away when I hand him those shringes. We tried coaxing-persuading-yelling-sulking-bribing-forcing nothing works! Once I tried forcing the meds into his mouth, he cheekily let it dribbling out slowly from his mouth.

After almost half day skipping his meds, we tried again on the evening. Which leads to another frustrating-stressfull situation that ends up with me scolding him and a pinch on his thigh. I sulk, Papa sulk, Awisy sulk. I said "Mama dont friend you!" and wouldnt let him come near me. He cried. Then all of us fell asleep, exhausted. Later 3 of us wake up almost at the same time and Papa persuades him again. I pretend to sulk. Well not really pretending coz I'm really in a bad-bad mood! After a few mins I asked him to come to me and we pujuk him again THEN he let me to feed him those ubat into his mouth. (-.-)!

To sum up: 3 of us are in cranky-cranky mood!


Zuhaini said...

oh.. siannya.. alia suka sangat makan ubat! heheh..

Mimi said...

rub it on my face will ya? :P