Monday, July 5, 2010

Buka Puasa and Camwhoring

Back from work on Friday, Papa began to ask me "u buka puasa apa?"

Batting my eyelash while exaggerating my tired face, i shrugged "dunno..."
And then.. "U nak belanja i apa?" (muehehehe)

"U nak makan apa?" Papa asked me again..

"Beef ribs Pakcik Tony" Just testing my luck here..

"Jangan nak mengarut!" Hehe, I knew that was coming. Yups its almost seven and its Friday night, we'll never get there on time.. Plus with traffic jam, full parking, and everything, we'll never get there full stop. I got ready anyway, expecting that we're going to Alamanda or something.

But guess what? He actually fullfills my wish~ *melt hahaha*

*ok recycling photos from fb here*

RIBS, Asian salad, and fish fries for cheeky..

He's in cranky i-just-woke-up mode.. Was instructing me to draw Thomas exactly as he wants it, else more tears :(

NOSE! (his favourite word to date)

Awisy nose Mama pose (hey that rhimes!)

Hubby sapaaaa la ni??


Quick stop at MC to buy his teats and tittey :P

Awisy doing perfect split!

On the way back, we stop by Mamak for teh tarik. Papa was watching Ned VS Brazil. We were bored so more camwhoring..

NOSE lagi!


Dats my baby~

Hehehehehe jangan maraaa Papa!


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