Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dont Read

Gosh i hv tomorrow all planned.. Sent Awisy to babysitter, go to uni and settle some admin stuffs, renew books borrowed at the library, yadi yada.. Yet after all that planning, i went ahead and drowned a cup of coffee and FEW cups of tea after dinner. I have terrible addiction to caffein. They are just too delicious to resist. Bad bad bad me!

And now i lay awake obsessing about what? Not my msc thesis, not even my vhdl program that stuck halfway tonight BUT this small zits on the corner of my bottom lips. I can literally feel its pulsing and growing. I HATE :( And I'm making (another) plan in my head to slot a facial treatment tomorrow. Since i cant really call them right now in the middle of the night (err actually early early morning) to make appoinment, the plan is kinda question mark right now. And its driving me crayzee! I HATE caffeine! *envying snoring papa beside me*

Actually i've been facing this recurring acne/pimples problem on my chin for a few weeks already. They keep popping at the same spot! Not really big ones (thank god) but small ones with head (yucks!). They said that chin acne is due to stress, but what if i am stress because of the chin acne? hope its not gonna be a neverending story, u know which one comes first the egg or the chicks, the acne or the stress?

Sod it... I'm going downstairs to watch wc. I hope German wins :P

Update few minutes after:
Demmn.. espanyol win 1-0? IdgaFd!!!


Anonymous said...

hmm has rs jerawat dtg stress muncul..hehehhee ;)

Mimi said...

Hehehehe exactly! At least in our case la kot.. ;P

PurPlè said...

agree! yes, i hv acne problem & i'm stressed due to the problem. so now, i try to learn to ignore them... not it... them. tension.