Friday, July 2, 2010

Food Temptations

Haha.. I'm fasting day 3 so I figured oogling at food pichas in my archives would somehow perk me up (not!).

So these particular ones were from few weeks back. We went to try the newly opened restaurant in bangi - Restoran Mohd Chan Abdullah that serve muslim chinese cuisines.. This restaurant is full of crowds everytime we drove pass it so we figured lets check whats the hype is all about ;)

Sleepy Awisy continue to sleep all the way through dinner.. So Papa gotta eat one handed, hehe ;P

Our drinks - Sirap bandung, Teh Cina, and warm water. Nothing fancy here..

Mine - Err if i'm not mistaken twas Wantan Mee with BBQ Ducks (I requested for drumstick which require extra charge). The noodles are very thin compared to the usual ones that i've eaten before. Taste wise is okay la, I remember saying the sauce was quite sweet (a tad sweeter than my liking). So I ate them with the sliced chillis to balance the taste. The bbq duck is okay.. Probably will try other dish next time.

Okay, I totally forgot whats the name of this dish, hehe.. Rice with something. But the side dish is similar to ayam masak kicap, haha.. Papa said it was quite tasty.

Sotong goreng tepung rangup is indeed crispy. I like it.. The portion is pretty big though. I did asked wether we can order half a portion, then found out that we cant (no harm in asking, heee..). We tapau the remains and end up feeding it to my neighbour cats :D

We also tapau-ed some steam pau for sleepy Awisy.. Typical pau I'd say, taste nice but nothing special, hmmm...

So in conclusion we still have no idea whats the hype is all about. Maybe I should check out/research their signature dish? And I also see lotsa people ordering dim sums which I'm keen to try next time ;)

Nak buka puasa ape eh harini?? hmmmmmm....


Zuhaini said...

sedapnya sotong goreng :)

AppleCrux said...

maybe diorang punya shark's fin soup kot..but I havent tried it yet..we've only been there once.

Akak Ratu said...

akak try few dishes dorang punya specialty... mmg best... cer try their crab special sos... sebijik mcm ketam yg org suka gi mkn kat mana tu kelana jaya ke... cicah ngan roti bakar... perghhh sodappp

Diana Sulaiman said...

try hj sharin low plak.. lagi ngancam..

Mimi said...

Mmg sedap! Nyum nyummmm

Yups maybe since thats like the most well known chinese cuisine right? hehe.. Thanks for the suggestion!

YUMMM! thank you very much! mesti order next time i dine there :D

Baru je baca hrtu kt ur blog.. Mesti pegi ni someday!