Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rainbow Comes After The Rain

always we tend to forget that the rain itself is a blessing in disguise..

Papa gotta work outstation this weekend. He's coming back tonite. Took the opportunity to send him off at KLIA so Mama & Awisy gotta ride the KLIA thomas transit.

His laughter is my strongest medicine ;)

Its still early when we reach home. So I took him out for a walk. Around my primary school, eating icecream calong in front of the gate while watching parents waiting for the clock to strike 6.

Then he managed a few swings at the park nearby..

Thank You Allah.


Aimi Mukhlis said...

I'm glad u see the rainbow again :)

Thanks Awisy for being mama's rainbow :D

Babe, jom klua minum, boleh Awisy kawan dgn Aimar :)

Mimi said...

Thanks for being a good friend too babe ;) Boleh aje keluar minum, nak datang umah mak aku pun bole. Just gimme a buzz.. eh ko hilang hp no aku ek? email aku ur no, nnt aku sms back :)