Monday, July 12, 2010


My internet is as slow as..

So I cant load photos as I like. Awisy is throwing a slight tantrum cause he refuse to go to aunty babysitter's hse, but am gonna send him anyway in 15 mins hehe.

I have red marks all over my chin due to facial. My beautician examine my face and said..

"lets do deep cleansing today!"

Which means my face IS congested. Usually i went for something like 'calming' or 'soothing' treatments, not freaking 'deep cleansing'. I've been (almost) free of acne and zits since recently. Which devastated me. Gosh its like the worst extraction since ages. I almost cry! Still in a trauma. Argghhh i could whine for ages, luckily for u, am in a hurry, hv a plan today! Hehhe ;P

Okie dokie.. gotta sign off. Awisy has undress himself. Grrrrrrr!!!!

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Anonymous said...

betull..internet sgt slow..if kt rmh mmg on-off manjang..kt opis ok skit ;)