Monday, August 9, 2010

Urgghhhhhhh!!! MARAH NI!

While opening a packet of Twisties, my friend deliberately checked its ingredients and compare the E with the Emulsifier list that contains u-know-what fat. Big Surprise, she actually FOUND A MATCH!

Its E631 :(

Back from training I found a packet MIMI (a snack) laying open and found another match..


Both with Halal Logo printed on the packet..



fabulous.farah said...

ouh..serius??sangat suka mengunyah mimi zaman2 dulu.. isk!!

AppleCrux said...

meaning kena banned la twisties n mimi nih..ish..tertipu selama ni..

mommysarah said...


OMG!!! OMG!!!

C!kpuanmuda said...

OMG! twisties??

tq for the info laling

aimi.mukhlis said...

seriously?? Patutla kalu mkn itu2 saja pun boleh gemuk...haha :D

Thanks for d info babe :)

jua said...

tq for e-code. kena saved dalam phone, so next time bila shopping senang nak refer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aira,

SAje akak nak share kat sini. I found this and hope the information will help to avoid any misunderstanding.

E631 can be generated in 3 different ways:

-- It can be obtained from sardines (fish);

-- It can be made from brewer's yeast extract, which is a by-product of the beer-making process; or
-- It can be extracted from pig's meat.

If method #1 is used, then it is halal. If method #2 is used, then it is not haram, although it is better to avoid it. However, if method #3 is used, then most certainly it is haram.

I think for each food product we bought, better check any vegetarian/halal logo. If there is any, so the E source should origin from other than pig or non-halal product/fat.