Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back at Home!

Alhamdulillah.. My training has ended, successfully I gotta add. I find it very much helpfull to my research project. Go Go Go!

Today I'm taking a time out and stay at home nursing my unwell toddler (more like a WW3 here).. He is cheeky-ier, sneaky-ier, notty-ier, if u're wondering. He he. He is down with flu, on and off and on and off for a period of time already. Went to paed yesterday, doc advised me to monitor him for 3-4 days, if fever still persist maybe he'll need a blood+urine check. Praying its nothing and he'll get better by tomorrow. InsyaAllah Taala!

In the meantime, I am getting nervous as my 3rd sem is reaching its end while i still have TONS of work to do. Time is running up, i have confidence in myself, but i need to stop procrastinating and plunge myself into work straight away! Full steam ahead! haha :P

Actually I have a lot to write, but time is jealous (geddit? masa mencemburui, hehe, lame i know). Lotsa thing happens in between my absence here. Enough resting and lazying for today. First thing first, now i nak mandikan awisy, nak mandikan diri sendiri, nak solat, nak read few more research papers, finalize a few stuffs, etc etc etc. Will update more soon, InsyaAllah, hehe...

Have a nice day!

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