Sunday, October 3, 2010

How Fast Time FLies?

Dalam sedar tak sedar:

1. My baby turned 3 last month.
2. It's almost 3 months since my Abah passed away.
3. My 3rd sems is almost come to end.
(all the '3's are totally coincident btw)
4. My 40(working)days training will end in 4 days.
(which also means final exam tomorrow and project dues in 4 days! yikes!!!)
5. Syawal is coming to end.
6. My brother in law is getting married in a week.
7. There must be more that I cant remember for now..

My lack of updates (here) is due to:

1. I am too busy with everything else.
2. dot dot dot..

But seeeriously i am pretty occupied right now. TIME IS RUNNING UP!


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