Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 bulan 11 hari..

that is how long since arwah Abah pergi and today my Emak edah officially ended.


Seriously I dont quite know wether to be happy or sad, hehe. I still clearly remember TG @ Tuan Guru (Ust Haron Din) with Aunty Jah (his wife) visit on the 3rd day after Abah passed away. He couldnt come on the day itself because he ws at Makkah performing Umrah. He and my uncle (who ws also at Makkah) performed solat jenazah ghaib in Masjidil Haram for my dad :) Anyway, during the visit TG strictly reminds my mom about edah/iddah. That she has to obey the rules of iddah that she must not leave the house unless there's something really important that requires her. She can go to work and visit abah's grave dengan niat untuk berdoa.

(For more info I found a quite good explanation here)

Aunty Jah also added, if I remember her exact words "sabarlah.. kene berkorban sikit sebab semua ni berkait dengan yang sana (referring to Abah)".

So thats what my mom been doing, she never leave the house besides for work and to visit Abah's grave for 4 months and 10 days. Alhamdulillah all her childrens stay under the same roof (including me, papa, and awisy who come and stay at my parents house the whole way) and we try to lend her hands whenever she needed one. Plus Awisy is also here to keep everyone busy, haha. I also remember that a lot of relatives especially my aunties and cousin that reminds me to keep her company and gives her support. Their phrases were similar "tengok-tengok kan emak.. sekarang ni mungkin tak terasa, tapi bila semua dah balik & tinggal korang je masa tu la akan terasa sangat.. " and even my mom said to Aunty Jah "dia kene kuat (referring to me), sebab kalau tak semua orang tak kuat..".

But the truth is she is MUCH stronger than I am. Stronger than any of us. Infact she kept us all together, continue Abah's legacy mengetuk pintu semua orang setiap Subuh (hehe), and take a good care of all of us. Including me, Papa, and Awisy. She kept us going and makes us stronger. Not the other way around. And all this while, she is bound by Iddah, never leave the house even during the Eid-ul Fitr. I thank Allah for her strengths and patients :) I thank Allah for her in our life, Thank You Allah.

My prayer every single day is..

"Ya Allah, kumpulkan ahli keluarga ku di akhirat kelak sebagai ahli keluarga di syurga. Rahmati ahli keluarga ku dengan rahmat keampunan dan keredhaan mu. Amin."

because really, that is what that matter!

Alfatihah buat Abah, Ma, dan semua ahli keluarga ku di alam barzakh.. InsyaAllah satu hari nanti kita ketemu kembali :)

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Feeza said...

yerr, aku sedih baca entry kau. ko, mak dan family ko sgt tabah. kirim salam dekat mak ko ek.