Friday, January 7, 2011

A Major Milestone

His 1st day at school - 05012011. Here is to a year filled with wonderful and exciting learning experience, InsyaAllah!

Had nasi ayam hainan for lunch. I enrolled him to afternoon school session for various reasons ;)

New friend in a jiffy! Dont we envy our children ability to make friends just like that?

Leaving him with his new teacher and new friends. I am overwhelmed with mixture of feelings - proud, happy, sad, excited :D We went home and just lay around while waiting time to pick him up. Kept wondering whats he's doing rite now? Hoping he's having the bestest time of his life, heheh.

Time to go home! Found a 'T' in his pocket and ran back to his teacher to return it :)

His first artwork. Awarded with two butterflies. Should i frame it? I think I'm going to ;)

Selepas sepahkan satu rumah... Grrrrrr!!

Thank You Allah!


::nyetto:: said...


aku rasa aku tau one of the 'various reasons'...mesti sbb ko taknak bangun awal kan? Muahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa


Mimi said...

nyett0.. hampehs! manade! mueheheheheheheheheheheheheh :P

catz said...

wow..he is cute.
gambar last sgt menguji kesabaran. my suggestion is, u buy a very big vacum cleaner and suck all the things. hahahha. oh the boy is not including la..ada pulak tersedut dalam vacum karang.

Merryn said...

i like his artwork.. must frame it up :)