Friday, April 15, 2011

Genius Aulad

or like how we always tease him, Genius Ulat. And then he'll goes...

"bukan ulat lahhhh! O-lad!"


So few people been asking me on his updates and progress after attending GA preschool. I actually plan to write more about it (like how i plan to write about our Umrah and my Darussyifa classes hoho) soon. Will try my best.

However I must say, so far so good :D He has a lot of new friends, has managed to read Iqra' up to Dhal and Zhal, able to read his Level One book of Adam and Dina (GA version of Peter and Jane), join 2 class trips to Musolla and Rubber Tapper trip and a lot more. He seems to enjoy his school. U know, despite our daily tug of war of getting him to shower and dress-up pffft.. And its only April ;)


Ok this is very brief, bear with me as I gather my blogging spirit (and skills). Hope u'll see an update sooner than a month time? InsyaAllah!



zailamohamad said...

salam kenal, anak saya pon belajar di GA juga, Kota Kemuning to be exact..memang ada nampak banyak perubahan on him sejak masuk GA ni..

Mimi said...

Salam Zaila.. Welcome to my humble blog! Hehe.. Yups, like i said so far so good kan?! Will cekidout ur blog ok!