Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Small (But Significant) Step

It all started one fine morning while I was still in my study leave, not that long ago. After solah I head downstairs, open the front door for a fresh morning breeze and then switch on the tv.

It was "Muqaddimah" on tv9, Ust. Zahazan is talking on how to achieve "Solat Khusyuk".

Instead of continuing with my usual routine (power ON my laptop, then to the kitchen to boil the water for a fresh cup of Neslo - to fullfill my standard cafein requirements) I grabbed my pen and notebook, sat on the sofa, eyes glued to the tv. Khusyuk in solah is something i desperately want to achieve everytime i perform my solah, i want to learn and absorb every little thing from the Ust that I can apply to perfect my solah. There is always room for improvement. Personally a big one for me.

So he was discussing 5 tips from Imam Ghazali:

1. Hadirkan hati dalam solat
2. Memahami perbuatan dan bacaan dalam solat
3. Merasai kebesaran Allah dengan merasa diri terlalu kerdil dengan Allah
4. Merasa malu dan takut atas kekurangan dan kesalahan2 yang telah kita lakukan
5. Walaupun malu dan takut, kita menaruh harapan agar Allah mengampuni kesalah & menerima ibadah kita

(sorry if it is too brief or in-accurate, but i copied these from my scribbles)

On to point number 2, Ust stress the importance of us Muslim to understand arabic language. First is so that we can really understand everything we recite during solah, as solah is the primary medium of communication between us and Allah. In other words, imagine ourself asking help from someone in a foreign language that we can barely understand. How is that possible? Would the person grant ur wish? Sadly this happens five times a day while we are actually communicating with the most important of all, Allah - our God, our creator. And second, arabic is the language of Al-Quran, a book of guidance for us to live our life. No elaboration required.

I guess that really triggers me to initiate my first effort. I always have the intention to learn arabic language but so far that is how it stays; an intention. Until that fine morning.

I start by posting a new fb status:

A bit cliche, but the responds from my friends continue to motivate me. I even got one friend (if ure reading this, thanks babe!) who is willing to join me. Subhanallah, just one example see how Allah helps us to 'clear the path', not only He makes everything smooth and easy, He even grants me a friend so I wont hesitate and feel akward during the first class. After a Google search and a few clicks, I narrow down 2 choices. Both nearby my house and offer various levels and types of arabic classes. One phone call to the first number reveals that they have incoming slots of "Bahasa Arab Perbualan/Komunikasi - Tahap 1" class starting in few weeks away, class will be held every Saturday 11-1230pm. Just perfect, everything that I wanted I got simply from 1 phone call. ALHAMDULILLAH!

So today I finally I went to my first class. It was a small one, only 5 of us. Enjoyed it very much. I am quite amazed at how much i've learn just by spending 1.5hour from my weekend. At the end of the class all five of us can manage a brief introduction of ourself totally in arabic ;) It was a good first class in my definition. InsyaAllah it'll continue to be one. And InsyaAllah it'll bring me closer to my main objective.

I'll try to provide u an update from time to time so stay tuned ;)

Subhanallah - Alhamdulillah - Allahuakbar!


Mynie said...

all the best!

just to share with you, another friend of mine pun decided to start learning arabic, but she chose to do it online (virtual). here's the blog where she chronicles her progress and share some of her resources:

Mimi said...

Oooh there's so many useful info on the site.. Thanks for sharing Mynie ;)