Friday, February 21, 2014

Baby Product Review: Diaper Caddy - A Portable Diaper Changing Station

When I was pregnant I dream of the ideal diaper changing station. U know, something like this...

or this

*credit photos to pinterest

But i know its not practical for us, for once we dont have a proper nursery room to set up a changing station. Plus we live in a 2 storey house so its gonna be difficult if we need to bring baby upstairs everytime he needs a diaper change.

So I found a better solution instead - a diaper caddy! (which I refer as portable changing station hence the fancy title ;D).  Its so useful, practically a handy bag where u can shove all the necessities for diaper change. We just refill the diapers and wipes every morning and bring it wherever in the house. In fact I also bought it to my moms house when we spend the night there.

Here is ours..

Dont mind the happy baby at the back

I love the cute design and I love that it has a lot of pockets, 2 on the front and 2 on the sides. And here are the contents..

From left (clockwise) : Mamipoko diaper, Mothercare nappy sacks*, J&J wipes, minyak telon, drapolene cream, J&J baby oil, Anakku hairbrush/comb/nailclipper, and underneath all them - KIKO changing mat

I bought mine online from One Baby World here and now its marked down from rm59.90 to rm39.90 (darn it!).  Simple product that help make diaper changing quick and organized, hence a happy Mama :D

Totally recommended!

*Review on the Mothercare all we know baby nappy sacks soon, inshaAllah :D

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