Thursday, February 20, 2014


Wow.. Its been awhile. Seems like I've abandoned this used-to-be favourite space of mine.

Sad but true.

Its not like I'm too busy with work and what nots that I dont have spare time for blogging. And its not like I've lost my passion for blogging and writing. I am infact constantly writing in my head. About things that revolve around me and my family. Especially when I'm emotional (both up and down). Especially when I'm sad. Writing has always help to soothe the pain. Maybe, just maybe as I rearrange my thoughts and feeling into words, its becomes a theraphy session. Afterwards u'll feel relieved. As if the burden has been lifted of ur shoulder. Yups. I just stop transfering the words here, out in the cyberworld. Now I sound a bit psychotic. Heh.

Somehow i always feel reluctant to publish. Perhaps it becomes too personal. Too private to be read by everyone?

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