Thursday, February 20, 2014

Press That Restart Button!


Are u ready people for the BIG news people???

I have decided to (re)start blogging again.
Yay! *lompat bintang* LOLs!

So whats new u asked? Well, nothing much except...


Awisy now is a big brother Alhamdulillah! 

Introducing Baby Imran Hakim ;)
He is now 2 months old, weighed 5.7kg, thinks i'm his portable milk machine, and as cheeky as his big brother!  Definitely took us sometimes to adapt having a new baby at home - the crying, night waking, diaper changing, cord stumps, colic, stools colour, yadiyada but after 2 months I think we're good, heh.. Definitely precious moment every seconds...

I have a lot of archives in my brain and I need to let it out, you know - free some space up there.. Hehe. But it does feel good to start writing rambling again, I almost dont know where to start! I have my delivery experience to share, awisy and imran updates, some product reviews that might be helpful to other mommies out there (still a shopaholic I am, sad truth) - to name a few! My blogging skill is a bit rustic, so bear with me while I regain my momentum yeah?

Till then, Later! 

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