Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Series: Training My 7 Years Old Solat - An Intro


Awisy is turning 7 this year.  According to hadith this is the age that I should start training him to solat Fardh consistently. Alhamdulillah, Awisy has learned about solat especially at school.. He know the movement and he can recite Al Fatihah, short surahs, and all the related zikr.   

Right now he performed zuhur and asar at school and during maghrib and isya' I always ask him to solat with me, either be my imam (and I pretend to be his ma'mum) or I'll be the imam and he'll follow me.  So far he obeyed, although not willingly everytime especially if he ws in the middle of something else like playing LEGO or watching telly.  Hence I do think that I need a better gameplan.  Awisy is definitely a Gen Y trait always questioning me 'Why?' such as why should we solat Mama so I feel that I always need a solid answer that is convincing to him.  

Through my usrah sisters plus postings on facebook and around the blogosphere I have learned some tips and techniques in this topic, Alhamdulillah.  I know the first step must begin from US parents, like if we as parents ourselves dont perform solat consistently how do we aspect our child to do so?  I need to keep learning and digging, I have to perfect my solat in order to teach my son perfecting his. Instead of knowing solat as routine I want my kid to love solat, something that I myself is trying to instill in my own heart :')

InshaAllah this is an ongoing process that I plan to share my journey here because one I hope to share and learn with other mommies/parents, and two Istiqomah: by writing here I can review how we progress, inshaAllah...

credit : Muslim Kid Genius FB - one of my fav Page!

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