Friday, February 28, 2014

The First Fever

Imran has been feverish since yesterday evening. We think he got the flu from Papa although he had try his best to minimize contact - what can we expect, we dont have maid.. So sometimes when the baby let his high pitch cry while mama is busy with something (eg. solat) somebody has to hold him. The cry wont fade by itself, really ':) (sweating icon).

Hence the paed visit this morning.  Dr just smile when I told her, "so the first episode begin" she said.  Apparently on the first 24 hours, there's nothing much we can do except observe.  If the fever exceed 38deg celcius then we give pcm, if the nose is stuffy we spray sterimar (saline solution) and put the baby on upright position.  After three days if the fever is still there, nose congestion and cough getting worse then will the dr can decide on the treatment - nebulizer, meds, antibiotics and such.  Hopefully his fever will be gone in 3 days inshaAllah!

In the meantime I try to feed him lots and lots of milk and let him rest.  He is still sleeping (albeit the occasional feeding wakes) - Hence this blogpost..

Flu flu go away!


*Imran is about 2 months and half, Dr. said this is the border - he just past the critical stage.    
**Tomorrow is abang Awisy sports day! Mama really wish to attend and watch his perbarisan and games :(

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