Thursday, March 20, 2014

Feeding Ur Infant Medicine - A Useful Tip!

Imran is 3 months now. This morning he received 2 doses of vaccination, one of them is Rotareq for rotavirus that need to be given orally instead of the usual injection.  Well this is not his first time getting oral medicine, the first was actually an antibiotic prescribed to fight minor infection on his cord stump - but thats a different story! Feeding him that 1.5ml of antibiotics 3 times a day is a nightmare to us.. When he's okay with it, it might took us about 5 minutes maybe? But when he's not okay with it? One time it took us almost 1 hour to finish that 1.5ml! He screams whenever the syringe touch his lips, he refuse to swallow the medicine and keep crying until he choked, he spit out the meds.. My Oh my! Anyway, rotareq is in a form of 2ml clear syrup that need to be finish right there and then in the doctor room. This gonna be interesting! I thought..

Dr Siti is aware of his behaviour towards oral meds, as predicted the moment Imran taste the medicine inside his mouth he starts crying while trying to spit it out. So what does she do? She hold his cheek so his mouth resembles pufferfish mouth to avoid the medicine from trickling out of his mouth and.. This is important : everytime after she drop a little syrup in his mouth she would blow his face (slowly) and he would swallow the meds! She said this is a reflect, everytime we blow baby's face they will swallow.. And surely like a pro she took merely 2-3 minutes to feed him the whole 2ml! Of course after that Imran screams like no tomorrow, I believe coz he felt cheated and defeated! Hahaha!

So thats it, i'll keep this entry short and sweet.. Hope the tip is useful if u find problem feeding ur infant baby oral meds. Good luck!

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