Sunday, March 23, 2014

Imran and Flash Cards

Can u tell I'm excited? Of course I am, I'm writing a new entry at exactly 0:52am 😉
I have now started teaching Imran using flash card. This is new, with Awisy I was somehow not exposed to flash card methods, so I rely mostly on developmental toys such as Lamaze and later developments CDs starting with Baby Einsteins, then Pocoyo, Little Einsteins and later Thomas and Friends and such..

So why am I so excited? Let me tell u how its started. I have bought this set of Iqra' flash card when I attended Darwisy Darwisya seminar by Pn Lina. And then somehow ONLY a few days ago (i'm slapping my head as I should start sooner!) I decided to play this flash card with Imran. Simple game, I choose two cards such as اَ and بَ , I flashed repeatedly one after the other while pronouncing each card to him and then I showed him both card and asked "aa?" His eyes went to the اَ card, "baa?" and his eyes when to the بَ card. I tried with other cards and almost everytime he can recognize them easily. Only when the patterns are almost similar such as ت and ث or س and ش he will show a confused face and look at one card after the other.

So I began to search for a proper flash card (got them now) and currently digging for information so I can teach him systematically. My aim? To teach him reading AlQuran from baby, so hopefully I can speed up his Quran Memorizing (hafazan) process, inshaAllah. Blessed my effort ya Allah and make me easy please Ya Rabb! Rabbi Yassir wala Tuassir Ya Kareem.. The biggest challenge is to Istiqomah, as Im going back to work really-really soon. I hope I can schedule my time and establish a routine that I can follow daily - I'm weak at this!

The first flash card that I used is small, hard to hold plus the printings on front and back of the card is not related - perhaps more suitable for older kids

This card is larger (refer size with respect to Imran's head hehe). Hence the printed letter is bigger and clearer. Easy to hold due to size, so my hand will not accidentally block the letter from baby's view. If the front card is printed with اَ the back will be اَ اِ اُ so I know exactly which card I'm showing to my baby. The back part is useful too!

Anyway, getting back to the flash card subject, as I'm exploring the matter I stumbled a lot about Right Brain. This is very related to why baby that is trained with flash card can read at very-very young age (as early as 9 moths!). I will try to understand this topics (i am actually mid-reading an article about this and couldnt contain the excitement, hence this blogpost). InshaAllah I'll update more about later, its getting late and we have Imran Majlis Aqiqah tomorrow! Yikes..

Nitey Nite!

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