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Kisah Bersalin Anak Kedua Ku

Kisah ni saya coret sebagai kenangan diri dan mungkin nanti ada terselit tips yang berguna buat ibu-ibu yang lain.. Sebelum bermula lets start with a few points:

  1. I attended Antenatal Course by Hospital Annur BBBangi.  Highly recommended! Refer above pics for more details.. The topics were covered by their specialist doctors and invited speakers.  Paling TERpenting ialah session amali teknik pernafasan, sangat2 membantu dari segi cara yg betul utk push during delivery.
  2. I have plan for epidural from beginning. Yang ni boleh jadi a whole new post on its own but here I just want to state that I opt for epidural for a stress free delivery ;)
Okehs, now lets move on to the actual story.  I start feeling the contraction on Friday around 5pm coz I remember calling Papa at the office telling him "I think I'm having real contraction, this is it!" .  I start timing the contraction, however it was not consistent. Some were 15 minutes apart while some were 30 minutes apart. And that night during dinner it start to mellow down so we just went to sleep.

The next day which is saturday the contractions started again from the morning. About 30-20 mins apart I think.. So what do we do? We clean the house! Hahaha :D start vaccuming and mopping the bedrooms - living rooms - emptying the trash and what not as we know this is it, baby is coming inshaAllah and I want the house to be sparking clean when we return home with him for the first time. Then around noon I start packing Awisy clothes as he's going to spend the night at my moms and then we went out for late lunch at Jaya Grocer Bangi. Imagine having lunch at the restaurant while timing my contraction and doing the breathing technique! It was hillarious hahaha.. Awisy laughed his heart out everytime i did the breath in - breath out 3 times thingy with Papa coaching me, all this while walking around the supermarket and eating at the restaurant :D

Timing my contration on iContraction while having lunch!

Then we went home to pick up the bags and I need to take a bath with my air selusuh, solat asar, freshen up and get ready to the hospital. We dropped Awisy at Awe's around 6pm then straight to the hospital ;) Now my contraction is about 10 minutes apart.  The registration at the hospital counter was quite a breeze.  We were ushered to the delivery room.  The delivery room itself is comfortable, a single room with personal toilet.  There're zikr and some infos like how to perform tahnik on the wall, al-quran and drinking water on the bedside table.  There's even prayer mat and telekung provided inside a small cupboard.  When I told the nurse I need to pray, she spread a clean mat, then the prayer mat on top in qiblah direction for me, so me and papa took turns to pray maghrib in the delivery room.  Then midwife came into the room and do the vaginal exam (VE) on me.  "Baru 3cm, tapi dah 'nipis' dah ni. Nak balik dulu ke nak masuk ward?" we decided to be warded, senang xperlu ulang-alik ke rumah.  Dr came to verify and she confirmed the midwife assessment.   I was asked to change to hospital gown and wait there. Papa went to register for ward, pay the deposit and what not while I was asked to have my dinner in the delivery room.

Zikr and dua on the wall that u can recite during contraction to ease the pain

 At the ward I was strapped to the TENs machine to monitor my contraction and baby heartbeat.  Everything seems okay, the pain is getting more intense but still bearable.  I remember my brother saying to me "apsal ko tak nampak sakit pun?" Lols! At this time the contraction is around 7-8 minutes apart.  My mom came by with Awisy, my sister and brothers and also bringing Papa's dinner.  Awisy was pretty excited, everybody keep telling him adik is coming out soon.  He lays down beside me on the bed and was pretty reluctant to follow my mom home. It was an emotional moment really, for more than 6 years he has been our baby boy but now he's becoming a big brother :') I hugged and kiss him good night asking him to follow Awe and asked him to sleep early "you gonna meet baby tomorrow inshaAllah!" (I learned later that he slept very late instead, playing handphone games with my brother tskk). I also asked him to pray for me as his prayers really matters Allah will listen and make it easy for mama to deliver the baby :)

As my family left me and Papa prayed isya' and then I lay down on the bed reciting surah Maryam.  I notice that as I'm reciting the contraction pain felt less intense although the reading on the display was quite high.  Around 11pm midwife come to check and also did another VE. Its 4cm Alhamdulillah. "Kita bagi injection untuk kurangkan sakit ye?" I told her that I have planned for epidural instead. She said that she will inform the anasthetic specialist and I need to transfer to labour room. Later another nurse come to give me that thing that will make u "empty your colon" and tell me to call her when I've finish doing my business at the toilet.  In the toilet I notice a big lump of slimy thick bloody thing coming out and inform the midwife - "its normal, dont worry". At this time contraction is about 5 mins apart and pretty painful. I remember telling Papa that the breathing exercise is quite useless as I can still feel the pain. Now I can no longer smile when the contraction come, the only thing that help to ease the pain is standing up against the wall, palm on the wall with Papa massaging my back *cry!*. All this while in the ward I was secretly contemplating my epi decision as I feel that the pain is bearable and manageable - that I might be able to go drug free, but at this point No No No, screw drug free, "Doc just 'epi' me already and release me from the pain! Like right now!" Hahaha

Not long inside the labour room the anaesthetis doctor come with the epidural kit. He then explain to me what is epidural, what is the procedure, the possible side effect etcetera. Then I need to sign the understand/agree form.  The procedure itself was not painful, dr told me I will feel a mild electric shock down my spine when he inserted the tube and thats pretty much how I feel. Ye la to compare with that intense contraction, this is nothing. I need to inform him when the contraction come, he will wait until its over then continue his work. I remember having one contraction. The whole thing itself took merely about 5 minutes maybe. I also remember asking him how long will it take to feel the effect, he smile and replied "almost immediately" Thank GOD! After that he asked me to lay down on my back and tell him when the contraction come. It came and I can feel my tummy hardens, but not the intense pain, Alhamdulillah! I can smile again hahaha.. Papa laughed stating that I'm on the 'juice' aka drug. Lols. Dr asked me to call them if I start to feel the pain again, they will increase the dose. Then midwife came and tell us to try to sleep and save energy for pushing. She dimmed the light in the labour room.

I notice that Papa was not feeling comfortable. He is sitting on a slim chair and its quite hard for him to sleep or get a rest. I told him to sleep on the bed at the ward, just make sure the hp is charged and not silent. I will call him when I need him at the labour room. He then went to the ward to sleep. This is around 2am. Luckily I was not left alone in the room, the kind midwife came and sit beside me making small conversation. She referred herself as 'makcik' and I said "takkan nak panggil makcik?" She said its okay, she's old enough to be my mom as she is 59 years old. Alhamdulillah I am lucky to have such a kind and experienced midwife by my side to help me deliver my baby.  I remember sleeping for a while although just tidur tidur ayam. I can still feel my contraction, albeit the pain. I try to recite dzikir and make a lot of dua during this time as a friend told me - banyakkan berdoa waktu ni sbb inshaAllah sangat makbul. In between the contraction I also read the translation of surah Maryam on the tafsir that I bring from home.  This is really the beauty of epi to me, not just 'releasing' u from the contraction pain but u are calm and collected and able to make use of this moment to dzikir, read quran, and make lots of doa.  Around 4am the contraction start to feel painful again, as if the epi stopped working. I inform the midwife. She increased the epi dose and did another VE stating that usually the intense pain associate with the opening, I must be progressing quick. Its true - I am 8cm dilated. She start prepping the tools, and I call Papa updating the progress and asked him to be with me in the labour room.

Dr came and did another VE.  Yups I'm 8cm dilated.. "tak lama dah ni. Kalau rasa pressure yg kuat kat bawah atau rasa nak push panggil".  I sms-ed my mom asking her doa and she also instruct me how eat the 'kurma selusuh' (the kurma that we bring along with zam-zam water to Darussyifa for selusuh - ikhtiar untuk mudah kan bersalin).  All this time in the ward and labour room I keep sipping on the zamzam water aka air selusuh.  This point is quite blurry actually, as I cant remember the exact detail of whats happening.  I remember me and Papa trying to get some sleep. I also remember that I start to feel the urge to push but its not that strong. I decided to wait until the urge become really significant/strong before calling the nurse and doctor.  It did not take that long, perhaps around 10-15 minutes? I cant really remember. Dr, midwife and nurse came into the room, switch on the light and help me to get into pushing position. My leg were placed on the stradle, my bed was adjusted until I'm half sitting and half laying down. Dr tell me to push whenever  I feel the urge. I start pushing remembering the technique that I was thaught. Deep breath, make c shape/hunch my back, chin close to the chest and push as long as I can. The first one doesnt feel right cause I remember asking the midwife "tak betul ye saya push?" She just smile and said its okay.  She asked me to grab the bed handle for the next puah. As the next urge come, I start to push again and the midwife kind of help pushing the baby out with her hand on my tummy. After 3-4 pushes I can feel the baby's head crowning and the rest was pretty blur until baby is placed on my chest. His skin is purple! They wipe his  body and use little tube to suck/clear his nose and throat. And then he lay there on me quitely blinking his eyes a few times. He didnt cry. I said "assalamualaikum!" suddenly he let out a huge cries and everybody laugh! 

Papa cut his cord and then follow the baby to be weighed, dressed, azan and tahniq. The hospital has already prepared zam zam and kurma for tahniq. I was left in the delivery room with doctor for stitches.  Luckily there're only a few stitches and this time around it does not feel painful at all thanks to epi.  I was feeling high and elated, I cant believe baby is out, everything is so smooth Alhamdulillah. A few minutes later we can hear azan from the near mosque for subuh prayer. Dr said "haa masjid dah azan kan baby you!" Hehe.

Alhamdulillah Imran is one healthy baby, he latched on me for the first feed with no problem.  The nurse did taught us a trick, to smear some crushed dates on my nipple as baby has just been tahniq with the same dates, the sweet taste is familiar.  I was starving at this point but I also feel very dizzy. Apparently this is the effect post-epidural as my friend also experienced the same thing. I feel nauseous and dizzy and in fact i threw up one time in the delivery room.  Nurse took the baby away, wheeled me back to the ward and help me to lay on the bed. Then me and Papa fall asleep almost immediately. Alhamdulillah when I woke up about 2-3 hours later, the dizziness has gone and in fact I feel fresh. Had my breakfast and cant wait to meet my baby!   Upon finishing my breakfast, nurse came to check my temperature and blood pressure, give me some medicine, doctor come to check my tummy and stitches and when everything is okay, they bring in the baby for feeding ;)

Thats it! This is the story of how I gave birth to my second child. I might edit here and there if I happen to remember more details.  For the time being, this mark the beginning of another new chapter - Now we are officially 4! Alhamdulillah :)

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