Saturday, March 29, 2014

Questions on My Mind

My maternal leave is ending very soon.. 4 days away to be exact. And I have a lot in my mind. Mostly questions and worriness about baby Imran.  Will he adapt well with the new environment? Will he drinks from the bottle? Will he be able to sleep and nap? Will he cries all day or be happy and cheerful with the new surrounding? Will the nursery handle him well? Can the nursery takes care of his ebm well? I on the other hand will be okay InshaAllah. Yes I think I will cry after dropping him at the nursery on the first day (probably every morning on the first week? Heh).  What can you expect? its going to be our first time apart after 9 months in my womb and 3 1/2 months on my lap ;)

These questions are keeping me awake at night, I spend a lot of time reading blogs/article/books especially on preparing/handling my expressed milk for the nursery.  Alhamdulillah, I found lots of info and they somehow build up my confidence and calmed me down.  Bless those mom who spend their time taking pictures and writing so-called manuals and sharing their experience to guide beginners like me.  May Allah grant them a lot of hasanat.  Of course I want to follow suit, InshaAllah I'll share my experienced in this space later.. Watch out for it ;)

Anyway, again back to the questions and worriness.. How do I write this eh? In my mind I am busy writing a to-do list, planning this and that, until my mind become so occupied and at the end of the day I become sensitive and cranky expecting everyone around me to understand and be sensitive towards my feeling. Shamefully Yes. Then this morning I perfomed my Subuh prayer and suddenly I was reminded my purpose of life, to bow and be the slave of Allah.  Allah tell us to face any challenge with solat and patience (sabar dan solat) - plan, work for it, the pray and leave it to Allah, tawakkaltua'lallah! As if the burden has lifted from my shoulde :') thank you Allah.. Now that I'm finally awake, I know that there is no point stressing.. I just had to prepare my best and leave the rest in the hand of Allah.  InshaAllah everything will be okay. Stay positive. Remember! InshaAllah..

Laailahaillaanta, subhanakainnikuntuminazzholimin..

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