Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Red Team Warrior

This post is longggg overdue. Abang Awisy buat surprise! The whole February month dia sangat excited dengan sport practise, everyday datang school pakai baju sport. But he never told us that..

He was the red team mascot aka warrior! 

Bangga sungguh dia dengan his warrior outfit ke sana ke mari. We were impressed! Because being the team mascot, he kinda lead the red team marching. 

Leading away the Salahuddin Al Ayyubi team 

Awisy by nature is an outgoing child who like to make friends and not afraid of strangers. He blends in with his seniors from secondary school naturally perhaps because of my three brothers..

We are SOOOO proud of u Abang Awisy!

Obviously the novelty hasnt wear off the next day, he was wearing the warrior cape all day - even to grocery shopping ;)

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